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Andrew John Cocks
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Stephane DeBernardi's Story...
Two years ago Stephane DeBernardi was feeling trapped in his job as a dental service technician. 

It wasn't so much the job itself. The 31-year-old Stoney Creek man was making $55,000 a year and wanted to double that. 

He just didn't know how. 

"I'd reached a place in my life where I couldn't get to the next level," said DeBernardi. 

What he achieved 18 months later was, by any career counselor's calculations, a huge success. 

"I'm making more than $100,000 a year, I have a huge house and (recently) I put in a $50,000 swimming pool," said DeBernardi. 

"A lot of people think that to make more money you have to work more. But I reached my goal and took eight weeks vacation last year." 

His secret is actually The Secret, a self-help motivational book that has put all other self-help books to shame. 

Published by Simon and Schuster, The Secret came out last year and sold 1.75 million copies in its first year plus 1.5 million DVDs. 

After Oprah featured The Secret on her show earlier this year, demand was so high that publishers ordered a two-million-copy reprint. 

At Chapters in Ancaster, sales of The Secret have been "absolutely phenomenal," said manager Gillian Lauridsen. 

"We're consistently sold out. It would come in one day and we'd be sold out by the next," said Lauridsen. 

So what's the secret behind The Secret? Created by Australian producer Rhonda Byrne, The Secret is a compilation of advice from top leaders, philosophers, doctors and motivational speakers. 

It first came out as a DVD and was aggressively marketed over the Internet. 

Sales were so high it was spun off into a book. The Secret's message and the reason for its success comes down to something called The Law of Attraction. 

In the simplest terms, it's all about the power of positive thinking. 

As DeBernardi learned, "positive thoughts can become positive action. If you throw out positive thoughts, things can change. 

"You can say, 'I'm in debt and life sucks' or you can say, 'yes, I'm in debt' but I'm going to find a way out.'" 

Motivational speaker and life coach Bob Proctor, of Toronto, who is included in The Secret, said the way someone thinks can alter his or her personality, which then can lead to positive action. 

Proctor is head of Life Success Productions and has been giving motivational seminars for 38 years. 

He said The Secret's program comes down to a paradigm shift in one's way of thinking. 

"If a person doesn't alter the image of themselves, they're not going to have long-term results, whether they want to earn more, be happier or have a better relationship," said Proctor. 

It is that positive message that has hooked DeBernardi and hundreds of others on to The Secret. 

"It really caught my attention. It was just the whole positive thing I liked." 

After reading about the book in a newspaper story, DeBernardi went online and watched the video (for a fee). He then clicked onto a link that took him to the website of Andrew Cocks

Cocks, is a personal life and business coach who runs the program called Your Million Dollar Lifestyle. 

DeBernardi was sold on his message. As it states on his website ( "Learn How To Master Your Mind Body Connection and Unleash Your Million Dollar Lifestyle." 

He paid $3,000 for his 12-week program, which included an initial assessment of his goals plus one-hour weekly phone calls with Cocks.

What impressed DeBernardi most was, "it was totally doable. I could do it all and it was so simple." 

The first step -- establishing goals -- was easy, said DeBernardi, because he just wanted to make more money. Cocks urged him to come up with two small changes that would result in making more money. 

Said DeBernardi, "I realized that I was sometimes sleeping in and not getting to my first client until 10. My goal was to get out the door by 8:30 and have meetings set up with clients." 

His second goal was to find new products to pitch to clients. To achieve that, he committed himself to do daily Internet searches to investigate new products. 

Cocks called DeBernardi once a week to check on how things were going. 

The calls were designed to be both inspirational and instructional. 

As DeBernardi said, "He was there to make sure I was doing my homework." 

Whenever he felt frustrated, DeBernardi just reached into his top pocket and read the inspirational card Cocks gave him that he carried. 

The card read: "I am so happy and grateful now that I am making more than $100,000." 

"Every day that I felt down and felt like things weren't going well, I'd take it out and read it. It kept me going," said DeBernardi. 

All in all, he says the program was well worth the $3,000 price tag. 

"It was just so small and I started seeing results so fast," said DeBernardi, who also saw some unexpected results. His rock band Red Light Rippers, which was doing local shows, did three European tours last summer. 

Cocks said there isn't really a big secret behind The Secret. 

"The fact is, when you start to think a certain way, you start to feel a certain way. Then you start to get positive results." 

He describes The Law of Attraction as, "a belief that if you put out positive energy, you'll get positive results. When you understand that, you have the power to think anyway you want, things start to change in your life." 

Cocks said when people understand the concept behind positive thinking, it's like a door opening. He put the program into action himself and pulled himself out of a $29,000 debt. 

Most people who join the program focus on wanting to boost their income, but others have joined to lose weight, or improve their relationships or just to feel better. 

Financial success also appears to be a big draw behind The Secret's popularity. As the website reads: "Abundance and riches on all subjects -- including health, happiness and wealth -- are your rightful heritage!"

Cocks claim his clients include a nine-year-old girl who wanted to set up a toy drive and a grandmother who set a goal of reading 500 books. 

"We teach them certain skills they can use throughout their lifetime."

There are some who question the power of self-help books and motivational programs and say the speakers who teach them are the only ones making money from the programs. 

Dr. Mark Berber, psychiatrist and lecturer at the University of Toronto, said it's often people who are looking for a "quick fix to life's problems" who turn to motivational programs. 

"Life is tough and we're so busy trying to make money and raise families and we don't have time for long-term planning. To just go out and buy a book is so much easier." 

Berber said there is no secret behind The Secret or any other books that use positive thinking as their foundation. He said the concept is exactly the same as cognitive therapy which, in simple terms, requires a person to think their way into feeling better. 

Cognitive therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is often used to treat depressed people by helping the person develop positive life goals and positive self-assessment. 

"It's like I tell my patients, if you're feeling depressed, go out and do things that make you feel better," said Berber. "Exercise or go to a movie or hang out with friends and it will force you into a better mood. 

"People who are writing these books are just expanding on this." 

Another way to put it, Berber said, is "fake it till you make it. 

"There's a quote from Shakespeare that says it best. 'There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.'" 

But what about all those positive results people get from going to the programs? 

Berber questions how many people are getting rich or becoming successful from self-help books. He said there are three basic factors that have to come together for people to make a lot of money: Hard work, timing and luck. 

"That's what makes people millionaires. If you pick the right stock at the right time and add a little bit of luck, you'll probably get rich." 

That's not to say Berber is opposed to life coaches or personal coaches. They can be helpful in small doses and people can have positive results. But he cautioned that it's still buyer beware. 

"Some coaches are excellent. But you shouldn't pay more than $150 an hour. If after three lessons you don't get it, don't go back."

DeBernardi is not deterred. He swears by The Secret and the help he received from his coach and says he's living proof that it can work. 

Twelve months after starting the program, he quit the company he was working for, "because I felt like they were holding me back." 

He joined another that allowed him to grow and to make more money. 
Happiness was never DeBernardi's goal.

"I was happy 24/7. I just wanted to make more money."

I am absolutely amazed with what I have learned from you.

Having been working in Internet Marketing for less than a year, struggling to understand so much, try as I might I could not put all of the pieces together from all of the information I had, there always seemed to be something missing or too vague. Then in four hours of connecting with you everything just fell into place. 

This is so straight forward, down to earth, easy to understand, complete, and a 1,2,3 step process that anyone can follow...

Thank you Andrew for once again giving Internet Marketers another complete and easy to implement product. 

I look forward to recommending your coaching system to my clientele along with all of your other products.
Sharon Doucet
"My Income, Power of Focusing and Productivity Have More than Tripled"

The principles that Andrew teaches about setting and achieving your goals and creating multiple sources of online income are incredibly powerful and they work!

Since implementing some of his strategies in these areas, my income, power of focusing and productivity have more than tripled because of what he's taught me.

For anyone considering using his methods to create more prosperity, abundance and success in their life, your search is over...

Andrew is the real deal and won't find a more dedicated and knowledgeable 'prosperity mentor' anywhere!

If you have the opportunity to work with him and learn his systematic success strategies, then take action and DO IT!
Clayton J. Pearson

I can honestly say this program has PROVEN to be one of the best I have ever been apart of... 
Sharon Moore

I already made more money today from associating with you than I was averaging per month two months ago.

You're AWESOME!!
Dick Ingersol
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And Why Is He The Right Person To Help You?
Andrew Cocks is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and life/business coach. His profound understanding of how people’s thoughts, feelings and actions are created and directed to produce the results they are getting enables Andrew to guide his clients, using the 7 Universal Laws, to create results that are in harmony with their goals and dreams.
  •  Helped thousands of entrepreneurs increase their income: across multiple industries around the world
  •  Author of Your Million Dollar Lifestyle & Get More Customers For Your Business...FAST!: 75,000 copies downloaded 
  •  Independent Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant - and a Certified Consultant of Proctor Gallagher Institute: Certified by Bob Proctor (from The Secret) in 2005.
And Why Am I The Right Person To Help You?
Andrew Cocks is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and life/business coach. His profound understanding of how people’s thoughts, feelings and actions are created and directed to produce the results they are getting enables Andrew to guide his clients, using the 7 Universal Laws, to create results that are in harmony with their goals and dreams.
  •  Helped thousands of people increase their income: across multiple industries around the world
  •  Author of Your Million Dollar Lifestyle & Get More Customers For Your Business...FAST!: 35,000 copies downloaded
  • Independent Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant - and a Certified Consultant of Proctor Gallagher Institute: Certified by Bob Proctor (from The Secret) in 2005.
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